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Nothing is certain except change. As the world never stands still, neither do we: our organism undergoes a permanent transformation. Daily, our body renews about 50 to 70 billion of cells. This means that within one year, about 90% of our 100 trillion cells have been renewed. In the human brain, new neurones are generated every day, even into old age.

Several thousand neurones are created day by day from neural stem cells which combine to form new networks. This process, known as adult neurogenesis, is probably one of the reason for the high plasticity of the brain. The good news is that we can always progress further, that nothing is meant to be stuck forever. We can positively and actively make use of constant change by jumping on the bandwagon and lovingly exert a positive influence on our transformation process: awareness and self-care are key.


By knowing the above, instead of worrying about ageing, we can make the most out of it by positively influencing our new body structures. Circumstances, conditions, and situation must never be taken for something fixed and inevitable. Through taking care of ourselves, we can re-create ourselves and our surroundings.

Reflecting and working on emotional trauma, attachments, negative beliefs, harmful habits to transform ourselves to what our soul in its purity represents, is the highest art of self-care.

Research evidently shows the significant effects of lifestyle and mindsets on our physical and psychical health. Concepts such as epigenetic and neuroplasticity have now become respectable and recognised.

Epigenetics describes the fact that our genes can be activated or deactivated, depending on what food, water and thoughts we take in. A natural diet including colourful, secondary plant compounds has shown to tremendously raise our level of health, even if a negative inherited preload is present.

As for neuroplasticity, we know that our thought patterns are organically anchored in neurones and synapses. However, with our willpower and spirit, we are capable of dissolving neuronal highways and build up new ones.

We can become whatever we manifest.

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