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Finding ourselves in the 21st century, a fast-changing era highly advanced in terms of science and technology, but doubtlessly also full of uncertainties, we need adapted tools in order to maintain clarity, integrity and purpose as individuals and consequently as a society. Numbers of people with depression, chronic illness and dementia are skyrocketing. Social cohesion and sense of community are shaken and fragmented by the dynamics of social media, worldwide crises and wars. Technical progress has brought it benefits but we also need to make time and identify resources to support this process of transition and adaptation.


AVATHOR recognises that it is time to go inward, heal, and reconnect to the higher powers of Nature and Spirituality. There is a fundamental need to reflect on our purpose, behaviour and what should or should not determinate our destiny as individuals and as a society.  AVATHOR offers to lead people back to themselves and their own authority, to help them find love and confirmation in their own, pure being, also by integrating today’s zeitgeist and technical progress. 


AVATHOR highly values sustainability, ethical and responsible conduct in all actions, and closely supporting the personal growth of all the involved participants. We promote mindful communication and respect for each other within our team of like-minded, yet individually talented collaborators.




Thorsten Wilms (also known as Thor), founder of AVATHOR, is a certified physiotherapist, osteopath, hypnotherapist, life coach, meditation trainer, shamanic healer and entrepreneur. His unique application of holistic healing modalities and supervision fosters personal growth on all levels.


Through his 38 years clinical experience, treating over 30.000 clients, he has developed the underlying TRINITY CORE concept, where he wisely merges aspects of the ego, heart and emotional centres architecture into a comprehensive yet complex set of healing technique which serves to accelerate the holistic healing processes of each and every individual. 


He can read into the visible as well as the invisible spiritual layers of a person’s core being. Together with his integral assessment capabilities of the physical (body reading), mental (mind set transformation) and emotional (detachment and trauma release), Thor is able to pick up every participant where he stands in his personal process and activate physical, emotional and spiritual healing. 


A German native, he is currently based in Ibiza and works for an internationally renowned hotel group in the advisory board for Holistic Health Medicine. 

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