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Witness the enchanting beauty

of your inner dimensions


Embark on a life-changing journey that will transform your inner self and help you achieve a sustainable state of full presence, well-being, and self-confidence. 


AVATHOR offers world-wide exclusive retreats which take place in inspiring surroundings and are designed to provide you with the most individual, holistic, and sustainable results possible. With high-standard facilities and services, our expert team will guide you on a profound inner work journey that will help you unlock your true potential and integrate it into your daily life.

Immerse yourself in a transformative experience that will leave you feeling revitalised and empowered.


Through the combination of psychological, physiological, energetic and spiritual methods, you will be guided to access your original divine blueprint, as well as to evolve consciously to the next level of personal growth, through the TRINITY CORE method.

Group sizes are kept small and intimate in order to guarantee full individual support and one-to-one time, and programs are held in English or German.


Food is of the highest quality and is customised to suit your individual dietary needs. 


If any of the following resonates, you will benefit from the AVATHOR retreats:

  • Addiction 

  • Anxiety 

  • Burnout

  • Depression 

  • Health issues

  • Lack of life purpose

  • Leadership issues

  • Relationships conflicts 

  • Pain (emotional, physical)

  • Skeletal/muscular posture unbalances

  • Sleeping disorders 

  • Stress related issues

  • Self-esteem issues

  • Lack of self-empowerment

  • Trauma (emotional, physical, mental)



Around a 3 levels program, you will touch all the layers of your being, while flattering your senses and emotions… witness the enchanting beauty of your inner being. 



2 days

Personal development

Day One - The first part of the retreat is dedicated to the assessment of every participant in terms of blockages, limiting beliefs, negative childhood conditionings, subconscious patterns such as addictions, emotional attachments, and trauma manifestations. All three TRINITY CORE centres (head, chest, belly) are explored and assessed. 

Day Two - Facing and releasing anger, fear and sadness (belly).


Well-being, beauty & longevity 

  • Individual posture assessment 

  • Belly massage 

  • Soft detox program

  • Powerful Qigong and Yoga class

  • Breathwork 

Results of the first 2 days

A true understanding of where your most limiting issues originate from, as well as where you stand right now in your life.

A light feeling in your body which is now healthily nourished, hydrated from inside and outside, positively stimulated through energetic movement and breathwork.



2 days


Personal development

The second part consists of individual and group coaching, self-discovery, deep spiritual work, techniques of consciousness expansion, mindfulness practice, emotional release work, posture alignment exercise and trauma healing. 

Your three core centres will be opened and well-balanced.


Well-being, beauty & longevity

  • Posture alignment treatment/session

  • Fascia massage

  • Individual food supplement recommendation (homeopathy, herbs, vitamins)

  • Transformative sound journey

  • Kundalini Yoga / Qigong

  • Meditation 


Results of days 3 and 4

The shift has started. You will be able to dissolve and transform parts of your life which have been holding you back.

You will feel your spine freed and aligned, your body structure naturally straightened, your muscles relaxed, and a good gut feeling.



2 days


Personal development

The third part of the retreat is dedicated to the integration of all the work done so far. It is time to fully align now with your authentic self. You can now clearly see your life purpose, access your inner guidance (intuition), develop a sustainable flow state and engage in deeper, loving relationships. 


Well-being, beauty & longevity

  • Posture alignment treatment/session

  • Fascia massage

  • Individual food supplement recommendation (homeopathic, herbs, vitamins)

  • Facial acupuncture for rejuvenation

  • Kundalini Yoga 

  • Third eye meditation


Results of day 5 and 6

After the deep process and through synchronisation and alignment of your 3 core centres, full power is now accessible, health and well-being arise in all aspects of your life. You will feel strengthened, connected and peacefully grounded.



Thorsten Wilms, founder of AVATHOR, is a certified physiotherapist, osteopath, hypnotherapist, life coach, trainer & entrepreneur. His unique application of holistic healing modalities and supervision fosters personal growth on all levels. Thorsten is the leading guide of AVATHOR´s TRINITY CORE retreats and works closely with all the participants. [read more]



During the retreat, each participant also receives private treatments. Sessions are individually tailored according to the assessment made on the first day, in order to best serve your personal process. They range from manual treatments such as structural work, loosening fascia and trigger point therapy to softer bodywork, energy alignment, movement, sound therapy or conversational therapy, where you can feel and release emotions that are held within your body. 





Pure, unprocessed food, low in salt, high in nutrients, combined with superfoods in respect to their energetic value.

Spring water and daily small shots of plant medicine: detox, energetic, entheogen, empathogen (blue lotus, white lily, cacao, ginseng to activate the fire with, etc…).





When we work together in shared mind or shared consciousness, we become part of an orchestra, discovering the rhythms of potential and creation, feeling the energy of what wants to manifest, evoking potential through universal connectivity. 




7:30h - Morning meditation and breathwork 

8:30h - Breakfast

9:30h > 12:00h - Group session

12:00h > 13:30h - Individual treatments/session

13:30h > 15:00h - Lunch break

15:00h - Group work 

17:00h - Yoga & movement

19:00h > 20:30h - Dinner

21:00h - Sound journey 


7:30h - Morning meditation and breathwork 

8:30h - Breakfast

9:30h > 12:00h - Group session

12:00h > 13:30h - Individual treatments/session

13:30h > 15:00h - Lunch break

15:00h > 18:00h - Group hike 

19:00h > 20:30h - Dinner

21:00h - Hot steam room


7:30h - Morning meditation and breathwork 

8:30h - Breakfast

9:15h > 11:15h - Group session

11:15h > 13:00h - Individual therapies

13:30h > 15:00h - Lunch break

15:00h > 18:00h - Group coaching

19:00h > 20:30h - Dinner

21:00h - Shamanic cleansing ritual 


"Get awakened... Wake up...
It is your birthright!"

Yogi Bahjan

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